Sunday, April 8, 2018

Magazine and paper recycling

Through the Cuttlebug I have discovered more than just paper cutting of designer papers - I have been seeing my old 'gathering up dust' magazines being transformed into tags and grid designs! This 'bug' has gotten me in its grips because it has opened up new doors for recycling and enjoying the process!

First of all, my sewing work-place. Hubby had his eye on the panaromic view when he had this conservartory built, unfortunately the humidity is no good for paper so I had to relocate, but I can sew here as my love for paper-sewing has grown too. This Cherry tree survived a recent hail storm and gives such pleasure to have such a view! Btw, I made the fabric lamp too.

This share is of my lucky find of a Terracotta table in a second-hand shop just down the road for a spot price, including the two chairs. It is stylish and can withstand the rain. 

These tags (above and below), four of which were magazine pictures which I love, cuttlebugged into  tags and stitched on one side using various punched out circles or squares (from scraps), either from designer papers or old books, and a die-cut leaf (below). Just love doing this.

Finally a card with one of my die-cut roses which I love working with too.
That's it for today!
Enjoy a peaceful Sunday,

Monday, April 2, 2018

Happy mail winner, tags and project

Hello, this Easter Monday.

My winner is Maxine D. Random Org picked nr. 10.
Maxine, could you send me your address?  Look for my e-mail on the reply to your comment.

As you know I just love recycling. Today I'll share some tags that were inspired by a Pinterest post. Before the paper bin gets emptied I salvage every piece of patterned paper that the punch, either round or square will fit into to squeeze out the remaining precious paper. I used sewing to attach the pieces which gives added texture. I love sewing on paper, so much better than on fabric.

I quickly made this for my grand-daughter HanaĆ«.I don't know whether you have heard of  the magazine Daphne's Diary, well it was in there.

Have a blessed week!

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Some bird cards and a snail-mail giveaway

Hello ladies. Thank you to all who left me feedback on my last post! I just hope to inspire people as I get inspired by you all!
I have been into creativity a lot lately, but not only cards.. I haven't posted any of the things I have been making with paper, only now and again on Pinterest, so I'm going to share in the form of sending somebody some 'happy mail'. You know we all like to see a envelope in the mail-box that's different, that's addressed to us and it just kind of makes a day extra special! I am not saying that it will blow you away, I just want to do a little share.

So, if you are interested, just leave a comment and I will send some 'snail mail' to the person chosen.

I am in the process of making a series of cards with these bird-prints. I love these prints so much! Right up my street and they mix and match with nearly every form of patterned paper. (Hint: One of these botanical bird prints will be in the snail mail). The Bible verses on the cards are in French, from Isaiah 41:10, one of the verses that has spoken to me in my situations that have been difficult in life. God is faithful.

This is the second one.

In the times I change up the creativity pattern, I am crocheting. Here are 'some' of the things I have made, including the head band which my grand-daughter is wearing.
I have also nearly finished two big double-bed blankets and just yesterday gave a baby-blanket away as a present for a new-born, but forgot to take a photo. 
My fourth grandchild will arrive in October and another baby blanket will be added to my work-load! But I'm not complaining, I love it.

Have a blessed day!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

No stamping just die-cuts

Good afternoon in Creativity Land. As inspiration struck I'm posting some tag-cards. Usually I am active in three languages and it helps sometimes to not use a sentiment. I have a small drawer with patterned papers which I insist will all be used and I've found that die-cuts help me utilise them.

Diecuts used are a dimensional Rose, Leaves and Tags; also to use-up papers, some baker's twine and three crystals for embellisment.

On this card I have placed the tag upside down and embossed the rose for texture, even if it was with a snowflake embossing folder.

There are numerous other combinations I could use. Sometimes all one needs is a design to build on and then the fun begins.

Just adding another one as these were as scraps lying on the table and I was able to puzzle them together to make another card. That is what I like about crafting!


Thursday, February 22, 2018

Holiday and share

Hello! I have been away on holiday in Guadeloupe. My husband has always wanted to travel to the Caribbean and having saved up thousands of airmiles he got one ticket free. The weather was beautiful, not too hot and certainly not cold and we travelled around both of the small islands which are joined together, making them the 'Haute Terre (High ground) and Terre Basse (low ground). The sea is such a gorgeous torquoise color!

We took this one from the shade of a huge coconut tree. After being stung by a jellyfish I was very careful when swimming in the sea.

This is my little card share for today, using an oval and leaf die-cuts.

Thanks as always to those who visit me!
Have a lovely friday and weekend!

Friday, February 2, 2018

Mixed grid

 I wanted to share this grid-card today which I posted over on my other blog as it uses one of my new die-cuts which I really love
It's time to use up the scraps again. This time I pulled out the tiny square punch-outs and the bigger square punch outs to pull this together in a die-cut grid.

Before I empty the paper bin I see if there is anything my punches can salvage. Then I put them into a tiny plastic chest of drawers to use at a later time, like today.

It is so satisfying to recycle and find a home for every piece of paper!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Christmas... again... Reindeer.... again

Hello lovely ladies. I can't get enough of the diecut deer, such an elegant image but I will settle down with the dies eventually!
Merry Monday calls for pastel colors. I usually craft with earthy colors as I'm attracted to them but as I had a pastel deer, I thought I would use it.

Here is the inspiration picture at Merry Monday

I also made a quick little tag:

I have a couple of other Christmas cards to share, one including the Village Stamp from Hero Arts.

And another which is a deer again, but I puzzled it back into another piece of paper.

That's all for today. Have a lovely week!